March 1, 2022 | Local News

Fr. Garner incardinated in Diocese of Lexington

The Office of the Bishop recently announced that Bishop William F. Medley has granted excardination to Fr. D. Andrew Garner, and Fr. Garner has now been incardinated in the Diocese of Lexington.

Fr. Garner first began serving in the Diocese of Lexington in June 2018 so that he could be near to his aging parents.  His mother died soon after he moved there and his father is now deceased as well. 

The Office of the Bishop shared that “Bishop Medley is sorry to lose such a gifted priest as Fr. Garner.” 

Fr. Garner was ordained in 2001 and served in a variety of capacities in the Diocese of Owensboro including:  Chair of the Religion Department at Owensboro Catholic High School, a member of Priest Personnel, a Consultor, Director of Ecumenism, as well as pastor and associate pastor in several of the Diocese of Owensboro’s parishes.

“Bishop Medley is tremendously grateful for Fr. Andy’s priestly ministry and is happy that the Diocese of Lexington will continue to benefit from his service there,” said the message from the Office of the Bishop. “Please keep Fr. Andy in your prayers that his ministry in the Diocese of Lexington will bring him great joy.”



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