January 2, 2024 | Local News
Fr. Stephen Van Lal Than

The cover of “Communion and Community” by Dr. Daryl Hagan, a former principal of Holy Name of Jesus School in Henderson. COURTESY OF DR. DARYL HAGAN

Former Holy Name principal publishes book


Daryl Hagan, Ed. D., former Holy Name of Jesus School principal, teacher and HNS alumni has published a book for Catholic schools educators.

“Communion and Community: 46 Ways to Engage Catholic School Faculty and Staff During the School Year,” is Dr. Hagan’s first book.

Dr. Hagan currently serves as the interim director of the Institute for the Transformation of Catholic Education and the Directory of Catholic School Accreditation at The Catholic University of America. Dr. Hagan is a proud member of the Class of 1978, a HNS teacher from 1989 to 1991, and served as principal of Holy Name from 1997 to 2010. Dr. Hagan and his wife are members of Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Henderson in the Diocese of Owensboro.

“Communion and Community” shares effective practices that will help Catholic schools promote genuine trust and collaboration among all members of the faculty and staff. For some Catholic educators, this is not in their comfort zone; however, this book is meant to give them the confidence to start with one activity and to experience the difference it can make in their school. “Communion and Community” includes activities that administrators can do with faculty and staff in each season of the school year, as well as activities by theme, so that they can customize the timing of the activities based on what they need.

The book is available on Amazon by visiting https://bit.ly/414ouwd.

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